At Retreat we are committed to cleanliness.

Your safety is our number one concern. To ensure that all of our equipment and tools are perfectly clean we have invested in the best technology available.

Whirlpool foot spas

All of our pedicure thrones are equipped with Ozone Generators. Activated oxygen or O3 is referred to as Ozone. Activated Oxygen Technology is one of the strongest most ideal antimicrobials, bactericides, fungicides, deodorizers, detoxifying agents, germicides, and sanitizers in use. Its power to kill pathogens is unsurpassed. It is a simple and natural alternative for purifying water. In fact, it is used in more than 300 water treatment plants in the U.S. today.

  • Ozone is the most powerful broad-spectrum microbiological control agent available.
  • Ozone kills bacteria 3,100 times faster than chlorine.
  • Ozone has been approved by the NSF and is registered by the EPA.
  • Ozone is clean and environmentally friendly; its only by-product is oxygen.
  • Ozone is much safer for people than conventional chemicals.
  • Ozone is chemical-free; it produces NO toxic by-products.

The water from the foot spa basin circulates through the Ozone Generator while running, destroying all pathogens. In addition, each foot spa is cleaned and disinfected between each client and at the end of every day, per State of Texas requirements.


Every metal instrument used at Retreat is cleaned, disinfected and sterilized in a medical-grade Autoclave between clients. Autoclaves are the most powerful devices for cleaning instruments; they are more effective than dry heat sterilizers and UV sanitizers.

One-time use supplies

All files, buffers and wooden implements are one-time use only. You are welcome to take these tools home or we will throw them away for you.

Salon Surfaces

All surfaces are disinfected daily with an EPA registered disinfectant.